Poetry in Transition

Summer is a unique season in Qigong theory because it’s actually two seasons—Early Summer represented by the Fire Element energy and Late Summer represented by Earth Element energy.  And while all seasons have a natural flow into each other, the transition of Fire to Earth Element can be tricky. 

I find the best way to explain the transition from Fire Element to Earth Element is through poetry.

“When the pinks and purples fade into reds and yellows, the Fire nourishes the Earth.”

Indeed, around my spot of Earth, the pink and purple coneflowers have been fading while yellow and red coneflowers bloom in bright bunches.  In fact, most of the pink and purple flowers have faded—my bee balm and lavender and sage even—and yellows and reds—sunflowers, marigolds, and poppies—are popping with color.

“When the flowers bear fruit, your fingers become sticky and Late Summer has begun.”

Truth be told, I’ve been picking cherry tomatoes from my garden for a few weeks, but this week I received a notice that the local corn is being harvested, watermelons are ripe enough to pick, and U-Pick peaches will be ready in another week.  

“Late Summer brings rising clouds, cooling temperatures and falling rain.”

Okay, so we haven’t had cooling temperatures, but this week I’ve enjoyed watching various shades and shapes and heights of clouds rising high into the air like fluffy anvils.  Some produced rain and some even produced lightning and thunder — my favorite weather!  Thunderstorms are a magnificent example of the second set of Fire Element organs:  Pericardium and Triple Burner. 

The Pericardium is a fluid-filled sac that protects the Heart, which creates electricity and heat in the body.  The Triple Burner (also known as the Interstitium) is a network of collagen fibers and fluid-filled spaces under the skin to protect the organs, and may also play a role in helping the body regulate temperature.  In this way, the Triple Burner and Pericardium are a mix of Fire and Water…just like lightning in a rain storm.

That said, on Thursday, around 11am the temperature on my at-home weather station read 92 degrees.  A thunderstorm blew through and my at-home weather station read 72 degrees.  Cooling temperatures indeed!

Despite all the poetry, the best advice on the transition from Fire to Earth is to stay present and focus on whichever is right in the moment.  If it’s hot, practice Fire Element energy.  If you need some balance and centering, practice Earth Element energy.