You ARE Nature

Spring Wood Element Qigong sessions have begun!  And in our first class at Carriage Hill (this past Saturday), a muskrat came out to watch us transform our Winter Water Energy (because it was chilly) into Spring Wood Energy. 

This is actually a pretty common occurrence for Qigong practices — Nature tuning in as we tune into our own inner Nature.  Sometimes it’s a family of wild hares or Canada geese eating their grassy dinner right up to the outer circle of our group.  Sometimes herons, egrets, eagles, or hawks circle low or sit in trees just above our practice.  Almost always, smaller birds like robins, blue jays, sparrows, starlings, and even a group of waxwings once weave through our group, surround us, laugh at or sing to us.  Squirrels and chipmunks have run through our group or sit nearby trying to figure out what we’re doing.  Not to mention bees, butterflies, moths, praying mantises, grasshoppers, etc.

Why does this happen so often?  Because when you recognize that you ARE Nature, Nature recognizes you.

So who will join us in our future Qigong sessions?  The park caretaker at Carriage Hill told me they’ve seen evidence of beavers in the park.  And in my private practice, I’ve had magical encounters with deer, a family of foxes, ground hogs, a coyote and an otter.  Come find out in person!