There is no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing

Why are we doing Qigong outside?

Qi is the force that makes up things in the Universe.  It is the force of life.  It often is also translated as breath, steam or air.  And as living beings—you and I—we share this force with all Nature.  So we do qigong outside.  

Immortal Tree Qigong believes in Friluftsliv – “Free Air Life,” a concept of living which Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen described as a basic human need to be outside and connect with nature – a concept scientists are proving as they investigate theories such as Shinrin-Yuko (forest bathing) and Earthing.

Author and explorer Alfred Wainwright once said “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”  So check out my what to know page to learn about suitable clothing.  

Immortal Tree Qigong holds qigong sessions in our local parks because parks benefit from respectful interaction with people (less trash, less crime, more care), which in turn benefits us.  And so the ripples to well-being spread from us to the natural world around us to others and on and on…

Immortal Tree Qigong also takes inspiration from The Biggest Little Farm in which the lesson that Nature has all the answers if you simply trust feels like a big magic miracle. And ocean videographer Craig Foster, who discovered that returning to the same spot day-after-day through all the seasons builds a meaningful and in-depth understanding of natural surroundings that can even heal a shattered life.  

While all of this is interesting, it’s important to know that

being in Nature is good for your health!

There are ten thousand (Qigong theory term for nearly infinite) articles on this topic. Simply google Nature and Health together and find your favorite source.