Monica, Immortal Tree Qigong

My Path to Immortal Tree Qigong

My Qigong path has been winding for almost half my life.  

I began studying martial arts as a young adult, and over time my interests have moved from forceful martial arts (Karate and Kung Fu) to martial arts of flow (Thai Chi and Qigong).  I’ve studied the theory, and I’ve practiced each of the sides of Qigong – philosophy, exercise, medicine, martial art, and spirituality.  

Along the way, I’ve earned a teaching certificate from Holden Qigong and am in process of receiving additional teaching certificates.  After completing yet another milestone, one of my teachers told me “The only Way to learn what you seek is to teach.”  

Then COVID hit. I listened to my friends, family, neighbors, clients, and the people around me and realized Qigong would help all of them in, perhaps in different ways.  I decided to raise awareness of Qigong, and suddenly opportunities presented themselves.  

When I’m not doing Qigong, I run a consulting business in the global health industry where I’ve discovered that my success is due to the same principles I learned in Qigong: less is more, everyone has their own Way, trust don’t try, listen without expectation, and flow.

I pay tribute to the teachers who have personally showed me the Way along my Qigong path:

  • Lee Holden
  • Marisa Cranfil
  • Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
  • Dr. Zhichao Ling
  • John Platt
  • Waysun Liao
  • Bill & Sue McCabe

I also pay tribute to teachers who personally taught me other martial arts that have contributed to my understanding the connection between mind, body, spirit:

Thai Chi

  • Manuel Taningco
  • Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
  • Dr. Zhichao Ling
  • Aaron Angel
  • Richard Clear

Kung Fu (Tien Shan Pai)

  • Manuel Taningco (also taught me Kenpo Karate)
  • Colonel David Lewis

Finally, I pay tribute to teachers who have taught me skills that deepened my experience with mind, body, spirit connection:

  • Keith Denlinger – Ballroom Dance
  • David Verdisi – Stance Training, Breathing, Mind Training
  • Wim Hof – Breathing, Cold training