Nurture your Inner Nature in Nature.

About Immortal Tree

Immortal Tree Qigong harmonizes Western medical knowledge and science with Eastern and traditional health wisdom in each Qigong and Tai Chi session, leading each participant through a moving meditation that connects mind, body and spirit for a myriad of health benefits.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese practice that uses posture, movement, breathing, and focus to help people connect with their internal energy for wellness and vitality. It’s a moving meditation that helps you center your mind and body to start your day full of energy, or to reduce stress and breathe deeply at the end of the day, or to shake loose negative thoughts and feelings.  Qigong is about relaxing and looking inwards so you can better understand your self – your health, what you want and who you are.  

Tai Chi (pronounced tie-chee) is a type of Qigong practice that uses choreographed movements to help the mind and body move energy—or Qi (pronounced chee)–through the entire body in a quicker, more organized pattern.  Tai Chi is a BEAUTIFUL practice that’s easy to commit to daily and even better when practiced with others.  

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Immortal Tree Qigong Sessions

Each hour-long Immortal Tree Qigong session will start with breathing exercises, warm up, Qi activation and gentle stretching.  Participants will then be guided through flowing movements each punctuated by a short standing meditation.  We will end with a slightly longer guided standing meditation before we bow out.  This should leave a few minutes to answer questions or discuss any insights.

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Friluftsliv and Shinrin Yoku

These two philosophies come from opposite sides of the planet, but both are fundamental to Immortal Tree Qigong practice.  Friluftsliv (pronounced free-luhft-sleeve), a Nordic term meaning “free air living,” believes that life happens in Nature no matter what the weather.  The key is the right clothing!  Shinrin Yoku, a Japanese term meaning “forest bathing,” believes that health and healing happens by being surrounded by Nature…especially trees.

Monica, your Sherpa

Monica, Immortal Tree Qigong Sherpa

My name is Monica, and I’m your Qigong guide. 

My Qigong path has been winding about for almost half my life now.  I began studying martial arts as a young adult, and over time, I’ve found myself moving from forceful martial arts (Karate and Kung Fu) to martial arts of flow (Tai Chi and Qigong).  

I’ve studied the theory, and I’ve practiced each of the sides of Qigong – philosophy, exercise, medicine, martial art, and spirituality.  

Along the way, I’ve developed a passion for living naturally and want to share what I’ve learned with others who are looking for natural, joyful, preventive ways to wellness.

Learn more about my Qigong Path by visiting the honor my teachers page.

Nurture your Inner Nature in Nature.

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